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Proposed block exemption order for certain liner shipping agreements – Representations received

No. Party making representation Date of representation Language View
R1. Dr. Law Cheung-kwok and Professor Fung Ka-yiu, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 29.11.2016 Chinese View
R2. Hon Frankie Yick Chi-Ming, Legislative Councillor 30.11.2016 English View
R3. The Hong Kong Shippers’ Council 02.12.2016 English View
R4. Textile Council of Hong Kong 07.12.2016 English View
R5. The Hong Kong Institute of Marine Technology 12.12.2016 English View
R6. Hong Kong Pilots Association Limited 12.12.2016 English View
R7. Japanese Shipowners’ Association 13.12.2016 English View
R8. Hong Kong Container Terminal Operators Association Limited 13.12.2016 English View
R9. International Chamber of Shipping 13.12.2016 English View
R10. Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce 14.12.2016 English View
R11. Asian Shipowners’ Association 14.12.2016 English View
R12. Hong Kong Shipowners Association Limited 14.12.2016 English View
R13. Hong Kong Liner Shipping Association – Non-confidential version 14.12.2016 English View
R14. Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Hong Kong 14.12.2016 English View
R15. Global Shippers’ Forum 14.12.2016 English View