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Cases in the Competition Tribunal

Cases brought before the Competition Tribunal by the Competition Commission are listed below.

Date of Commencement of Proceedings Case No. Documents
14 Nov 2023 CTEA3/2023 Competition Commission v. Midland Realty International Limited, Hong Kong Property Services (Agency) Limited, Midland Holdings Limited, Wong Ching Yi Angela, Po Siu Ming, Lee Chung Yin, Cheong Tsz Chuen and Ma Tai Yeung
23 May 2023 CTEA2/2023 Competition Commission v. ATAL Building Services Engineering Limited, Johnson Controls Hong Kong Limited, York International (Northern Asia) Limited, Johnson Controls International plc and Lee Yui Ming
22 Mar 2023 CTEA1/2023 Competition Commission v. Multisoft Limited, MTT Group Holdings Limited, BP Enterprise Company Limited, Noble Nursing Home Company Limited, KWEK Studio Limited, Au Yeung Kit Yee (trading as Yat Ying Hong and in her personal capacity), Fan Sing Chi and Tang Wai Chun
15 Sep 2022 CTEA3/2022 Competition Commission v. The Tien Chu (Hong Kong) Company Limited
16 Jun 2022 CTEA2/2022 Competition Commission v. ATAL Building Services Engineering Limited, Analogue Holdings Limited, Shun Hing Engineering Contracting Company Limited, Shun Hing Holdings Company Limited, Ser Ka Wai, Cheng Kit Shun and Kwan Siu Kin
20 Jan 2022 CTEA1/2022 Competition Commission v. Gray Line Tours of Hong Kong Limited, Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees Limited, Harbour Plaza Hotel Management Limited, Prudential Hotel (BVI) Limited, Tak How Investment Limited (trading as InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong) and Wu Siu Ieng Michael
14 Dec 2021 CTEA2/2021 Competition Commission v. Hong Kong Commercial Cleaning Services Limited, Man Shun Hong Kong & Kln Cleaning Company Limited, Chan Ming Chu, Cheng Yip Chiu and Cheng Hok Kuen
25 Nov 2021 CTEA1/2021 Competition Commission v. Quadient Technologies Hong Kong Limited, Quadient International Supply Limited, Toppan Forms (Hong Kong) Limited and Smartech Business Systems (Hong Kong) Limited
21 Dec 2020 CTEA3/2020 Competition Commission v. Linde HKO Limited, Tse Chun Wah and Linde GmbH
20 Mar 2020 CTEA2/2020 Competition Commission v. T.H. Lee Book Company Limited, The Commercial Press (Hong Kong) Limited, Sino United Publishing (Holdings) Limited and Hui Chiu Ming
22 Jan 2020 CTEA1/2020
Competition Commission v. Quantr Limited and Cheung Man Kit
3 Jul 2019 CTEA1/2019 Competition Commission v. Fungs E & M Engineering Company Limited, Yee Hing Metal Shop, Cheung Min trading as Accord Construction & Decoration Co, Hing Shing Construction Company, Luen Hop Decoration Engineering Company Limited, Dao Kee Construction Company Limited, Wong Wai Chuen, Wong Fu San and Cheung Yun Kam
6 Sep 2018 CTEA1/2018
Competition Commission v. Kam Kwong Engineering Company Limited, Goldfield N & W Construction Company Limited, Pacific View Engineering Limited, Chan Kam Shui and Lam Po Wong
14 Aug 2017 CTEA2/2017 Competition Commission v. W. Hing Construction Company Limited and Others
23 Mar 2017 CTEA1/2017 Competition Commission v. Nutanix Hong Kong Limited, BT Hong Kong Limited, SiS International Limited, Innovix Distribution Limited (trading as Innovix Distribution) and Tech-21 Systems Limited