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Help for Businesses

The Competition Ordinance (Ordinance) was passed in June 2012 with phased implementation so that businesses had time to familiarise with the law and make necessary arrangements.

The Competition Commission (Commission) encourages businesses to be proactive in understanding the Ordinance, identifying risk areas and setting up self-compliance programmes. In addition to the Guidelines, the Commission has also developed easy to understand publications and a compliance toolkit for businesses to assist them to comply with the new law.

The Commission actively reaches out to the public and businesses to help them understand and comply with the Ordinance. However, the Commission is not in a position to provide legal advice. If businesses are concerned about their own practices having reviewed the Commission’s materials or need advice on their special circumstances, they should consider seeking legal advice. 


  1. Guidelines issued pursuant to the Ordinance
  2. Seminars & Workshops
  3. Learn more about Competition and Anti-Competitive Practices
  4. "Fighting Bid-rigging Cartels" Information Centre
  5. "Combat Market Sharing Cartels" Information Centre
  6. "Combat Price Fixing Cartels" Information Centre
  7. "Resale Price Maintenance" Information Centre
  8. FAQs
  9. How to apply for Leniency
  10. How to make a complaint

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