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Competition and Anti-competitive Practices

Activities of Trade Associations and Industry Bodies

Activities of Trade Associations and Industry Bodies Trade associations and other professional and industry bodies serve an important function in furthering their members’ interests. They have a vital role to play in educating their members on the Competition Ordinance and promoting a pro-competitive compliance culture. Trade associations and industry bodies facilitate interaction between members and must themselves also be aware of their obligations under the Competition Ordinance (Ordinance).

Contraventions of the Ordinance can lead to serious consequences for trade associations and their members.

For further information, please refer to the Guideline on the First Conduct Rule (in particular, paragraphs 6.53 to 6.68). Alternatively, refer to the “Competition Ordinance and Trade Associations” Brochure to learn more about what trade associations should and should not do to minimize the risk of contravening the Ordinance.

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