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Report Suspected Cases

What should I do if I suspect a contravention?

Alternatively you may also file a complaint by:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +852 3462 2118
  • Post: Competition Commission
    19/F, South Island Place, 8 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong
  • In person at the Commission's office (by appointment only)

The Commission accepts complaints and queries in any form, including those provided

  • directly;
  • anonymously; or
  • through an intermediary (such as a legal adviser)
    • Any information that you are comfortable providing will assist the Commission. The more information the Commission receives, the more likely it is going to be able to follow-up and address your concerns.
    • Information, which is particularly useful includes:
      • communications in relation to the alleged conduct, records of conversations (in any forms including instant messages and emails)
      • written log of relevant events in relation to the conduct
      • any documents, which may serve as evidence of the alleged contravention, e.g. communications among competing firms and their bidding documents in suspected bid-rigging cases
    • Where complainants have provided contact details, the Commission will usually acknowledge the complaints within 2 working days.
    • Complainants may then be asked to provide further information and supporting documents in relation to the alleged conduct. We may also interview (via phone or in person) the complainants to gather relevant information.
    • Complainants may expect a written reply on the progress (or result) of the Commission's assessment of the complaint in 28 working days and, where the complaint results in an investigation, a written response at its conclusion.
  1. The Commission will generally seek to protect confidential information provided to the Commission including the identity of complainants. Only in exceptional cases e.g. where disclosure is ordered by the court, it may be necessary to disclose the complainants' identity.

    To support the Commission's ability to investigate the reported conduct, complainants should not alert the suspects or make it publicly known that they filed a complaint to the Commission. This may lead to the loss of evidence and greatly reduce the likelihood of the Commission being able to successfully investigate the complaint.