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Educational Videos

Resale Price Maintenance (Jun 2023):

The EX-Files: Toy Purge – Micro-movie
The EX-Files: Toy Purge – Trailer

Competition Docudrama Series (Sep 2022):

COMPETE: Cartel Hunters

"Competition 101" Series (Mar 2021):

Episode 1: Market Structures 
Episode 2: Monopoly
Episode 3: Market Definition 
Episode 4: Collusion 

Combat Price Fixing Cartels (Nov 2020):

It’s My Call – Prices [Transcript]
It’s My Call – Agreements [Transcript]
It’s My Call – Secrets [Transcript]
It’s My Call – Trade Associations [Transcript]
It’s My Call – Evidence [Transcript]

"Post to Compete" Social Media Challenge (Nov 2018):

Story of the micro-movie is adapted from the winning entry:
A Conspiracy of Love – Full Version [Transcript]
A Conspiracy of Love – Teaser [Transcript]

Combat Market Sharing Cartels (Nov 2017):

A Bite of Conspiracy – Part I  [Transcript]
A Bite of Conspiracy – Part II [Transcript]

Fighting Bid-rigging Cartels:

Bid-rigging (May 2016) [Transcript]
Reporting (May 2016) [Transcript]
Preventing (May 2016) [Transcript]

Educational Video – Cartel (October 2014)  [Transcript]

TV Announcements

Resale Price Maintenance (Jun 2023) [Transcript]
Combat Price Fixing Cartels (Nov 2020) [Transcript]
Report Anti-competitive Conduct (Aug 2019) [Transcript]
Combat market sharing cartels (Nov 2017) [Transcript]
Fighting Bid-rigging Cartels (May 2016) [Transcript]
The Competition Ordinance is now in full effect (December 2015) [Transcript]
Competition Delivers (2) (November 2014) [Transcript]
Competition Delivers (1) (October 2014) [Transcript]