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Cartel Hunters – Learn more about the Competition Ordinance

To enhance students’ appreciation of the Competition Ordinance and the importance of fair competition in the market, the Competition Commission has designed a teaching kit based on a real-life competition law case for teachers to introduce the subject to their upper form students. Upon completion of the programme, we hope students will stay alert and avoid contravening the Competition Ordinance when they join the workforce or start their own businesses in the future. Details are as follows:

Programme name: Cartel Hunters – Learn more about the Competition Ordinance
Target: Form 3-6 or Grade 10-13 students
Suitable subjects/ learning activities: Economics, Business, Accounting and Financial Studies, Value Education activity, Life Planning Education activity, Post-Examination activity etc.
Teaching kit:
  1. A brief PPT presentation on the four types of serious anti-competitive conduct under the Competition Ordinance (The Commission will provide dedicated support to teachers on questions regarding the topic)
  2. Videos of Fair Fortune - Part I and Part II from the docudrama series COMPETE: Cartel Hunters
  3. A worksheet comprising multiple-choice and discussion questions to test students’ understanding of the Ordinance
Suggested flow: Pre-class preparation: In class: (Duration: about 50 minutes)
  • 10 minutes: Teacher briefly introduces the Ordinance by using the PPT
  • 25 minutes: Students to complete the worksheet as they watch Fair Fortune - Part II
  • 15 minutes: Teacher to lead discussion / summarise key takeaways
Language: The Cantonese docudrama comes with Chinese or English subtitles. PPT presentation and worksheet are also available in Chinese and English.
Prize: All participating schools will receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the Commission.
Enquiry: Please contact Miss Kwok/ Miss Tong at [email protected]/ 3462 2118
  1. The Commission will email the teaching kit to teachers who have successfully registered for the programme.
  2. Schools are required to complete a simple questionnaire after delivering the programme and return it to the Commission.
  3. The Commission reserves the right to modify the content, dates and other arrangements of the activity.

Please fill in the form below to register your interest. The Commission staff will contact you for further arrangements. (All fields required)

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Personal Information Collection Statement
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Pursuant to the terms of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have the right to request access to and correction of your personal data held by the Commission. Requests for access or correction of personal data should be made in accordance with the Commission’s Privacy Policy.

1 Personal data means personal data as defined in the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Cap. 486.

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